Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Steve & Sandy

February 12, 2018

Dear Steve & Sandy,

The Seattle freeze was no match for your warm and open hearts.  I want to thank you for all of the time sacrificed and life shared by you in the fellowship with and shepherding of souls.  It’s been a while since our initial collective disbanded, but I can trace all of my closest friends in Pacific Northwest, directly or indirectly, back to that weekly meeting in your living room. 

You didn’t only impress me by how you brought us together, but by how you recognized when we were cohesive enough to maintain those relationships on our own.  Instead of opting to carry on for a third year in the comfort of familiarity and allowing our group to become cliquish, I remember how you released us in good faith, and had the courage to take on a completely new group of people to help them forge friendships and find their footing at All Souls and in the community. 

Enough pluck to invite strangers into your home is one thing.  Being able to move on to a group of strangers when the previous one has been transformed under your watch into a gathering of friends with a special chemistry that not all groups end up developing?  That type of initiative is a true mark of servant hearts.  Thank you.

We should finally get moved over to our little house on Vashon in the next couple of weeks.  Without the roots that you helped us put down here, I doubt that would have happened.  Let’s not lose touch!

I can’t overstate my love and respect for both of you,


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