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April 21, 2018

Dear Nate,

As you know, God brought us together.  Not only did it happen through church, but it was sort of a miracle— two introverts becoming the best of friends?  We might have never spoken if not for certain, more dynamic, extroverted others in the congregation who served as catalysts.  But for friendships like ours, it’s fascinating how deep the water goes once the ice is broken.  I’m thankful for you, brother.

It’s been over 5 years since I moved from Upstate to the Pacific Northwest.  I couldn’t have moved much further away than that without leaving the country, but we haven’t lost touch.  Our early morning coffee sessions might be what I miss most from the Empire State. 

We’ve even made more memories since I left— flying in to join you and Shawn for that 50 mile blitz around Cranberry Lake in the Adirondacks was probably one of the most tortuous trials I’ve completed with no regrets.  The shared memories made every hellacious mile with wet feet and tender blister worth the pain . . .  but let’s do something different next time.

Since I left, you’ve come to the rescue on multiple occasions when tenants in the old house we’re still hanging onto needed assistance, saving me a pretty penny over a contractor.  You put me up like a family member just this past year when I flew in to find an attorney and deal with all of the legal rigmarole that finally got Gurley evicted. Last week you helped my new tenant with a flapping storm window and in moving the old fridge that Lowes refused to haul away when they delivered its replacement.  I’m #blessed in the truest sense of the hashtag.

As a hard-working, devoted husband and father I know you have a hard time peeling away for recreation that doesn’t involve the entire family . . . unless God tells you to do something like distribute water filters in Nepal.  If you listen to Him real close He might soon whisper “meet Daniel in the Adirondacks again for a camping/canoeing excursion this summer— it’ll essentially be a ‘men’s retreat.’”  I’ll be asking Him to pass that along, anyway.

Seriously,  I’m grateful beyond words for you and yours–  give the whole fam hugs for me.

With love,



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