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Hi there! My name is Daniel Loffer, often writing under the pen-name, Tex DeJésus. Born and raised in East Texas, I got to the Pacific Northwest as fast as I could, but only after a few years in Arkansas and New York. Doing time on both sides of the country after growing up in the middle of it served to open up my mind a bit after leaving my tiny hometown of 100 or-so residents.

I've lived in Marietta, Tyler, Brenham, Palestine, Grapeland, and Dallas, TX; Maumelle, AR; Elmira, NY; Seattle and Kirkland, WA before finally settling down on The Rock- Vashon Island just across the water from the Emerald City. 

Other than writing, my interests include critical thinking, meaningful conversation, reading, poetry, armchair sociology, philosophy, digital artistry, and creative culinary exploits like coffee roasting and home brewing.

One Face in the Crowd is my arena for long form articulation.  It was largely neglected between 2015-2017, but revived for the sake of Project Gratitude in 2018. The cadence of content will slow down in 2019, now that Project Gratitude is winding down, but I will have things to share now and then, here as well as Artiquitous and Eclectic Scribe, linked to below.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or words of encouragement!

Twitter: @Texmati
Instagram: texmati

TexDeJesus at gmail dotcom

Other outlets: [Poetry] [Art & Photography]