The Instigator

Born and raised in East Texas, I got to the Pacific Northwest as fast as I could, but only after a few years in Arkansas and New York.  Doing time on both sides of the country after growing up in the middle of it served to open up my mind a bit after leaving my beloved hometown of 100 or-so residents.

I've lived in Marietta, Tyler, Brenham, Palestine, Grapeland, and Dallas, TX; Maumelle, AR; Elmira, NY; Seattle and Kirkland, WA for the last 5 years; And finally settling down on The Rock- Vashon Island just across the water from the Emerald City. 

My interests include critical thinking, reading, writing, armchair sociology, philosophy, light painting, creative culinary/DYI exploits like coffee roasting and home brewing, and meaningful conversation.

One Face in the Crowd is my arena for long form articulation.  It was largely neglected between 2015-2017, but is being revived for the sake of Project Gratitude 2018.

I can also be found here:

Twitter: @Texmati
Instagram: texmati

The Project

For more information on Project Gratitude 2018, please start by reading the introductory letter embedded below.  Also feel free to DM me with any questions!