Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Aladins


August 28, 2018

Dear Salman & Laurieann,

Thank you so much for that giant bag of plums set out for us last week. They tasted so great just biting right into them that we had to get creative fast to avoid eating too many! Jenn cooked a bunch down with rum and spices to make a plum butter. The process made the whole house smell amazing. I can’t wait to smear that stuff on some pancakes!

I won’t be traveling the week of Labor day and plan on brewing again. You should walk down for a visit and try some from the last batch if you’re free that day. I’ll text when the time is set!

Thanks again,


Monday, September 10, 2018

The Herolds / Emily

This is the 4th of 4 letters sent together, intro here.


Dear Emily,

Love has been your lifeblood
In many different forms—
Miles driven, sleep lost,
Braved fears, a beagle ear,
Bills paid, choices made,
Risks taken, doubts shaken,
Burning questions, determination,
Parental grit, and the pressing-on
Of souls when hope is all but gone.
Unanswered prayers were bravely faced
Though they seem a wicked wraith.
Tubes delivered food and air
But held close in the rocking chair
By Mom and Dad, skin to skin
The purest love imparted then
Kept your tiny heart in tune.
You went under the knife loved over the moon.
Emily, the road ahead is rough
And no one knows how long.
You’ll have a harder trek than most,
But never walk alone.


Uncle Daniel

Friday, August 31, 2018

Herolds / Abbie

This is the 3rd of 4 letters sent together, intro here.

July 26, 2018

Dear Abbie,

You beautiful little [3 year old] dynamic chunk of awesome! Before I was born my Mama was scared to have kids due to an irrational fear—she actually thought we might not like her. She was wrong, of course, but sometimes I understand how she felt. Part of me is just a little scared that you might not like me. You were still a cute little babbling cherub the first time I met you, and pretty skittish last time. It’s been so long now, that next time you might not remember last time. Maybe that’s a good thing.

I hope to see you again soon and prove myself cooler than your parents. Uncles almost always are. I’m grateful to your parents for having you, and grateful to you for just being Abbie. Now would be a good time to stop growing. I’ll want to buy a shotgun and help your daddy interview potential dates when you turn 25.


Uncle Daniel

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Herolds / Jimmy

[This is the 2nd of 4 letters sent together.  Prelude can be read here.]


July 26, 2018

Dear Jimmy,

Back when you and Katy were both still at the Air Force Academy and we first got wind of you, our greatest collective concern (the only one, actually) centered around just how dedicated you were to warming pews on Sunday mornings. Good Lord, how petty our concerns were in hindsight. Church is football, anyway. 

From the first days I had a chance to spend some time with you, Tommy, and your parents in Florida leading up to the wedding, I’ve had nothing but respect for your entire family, and I’m so glad you’re part of ours now. I just wish we could have more quality time— at craft breweries and elsewhere. Thank you for taking care of my sister.