Thursday, July 19, 2018


Side note:  The link to one of my !favorite letters - Drew Todd / Norman Maclean - in the sidebar to the right has been fixed, it was previously taking readers to that of Alister McGrath.


Dear Amy,

I didn’t actually remember your name on April 9, 2006— the day I turned around at Freebirds on Greenville Avenue in Dallas with my five-pound burrito and saw you grinning back at me. But I knew I’d seen your warm smile before. What a small world! Our circles overlapped somehow when I was living in Brenham and you were in College Station years before.

It was the community at Fellowship Dallas that you helped introduce me to, and the privilege of serving as a pseudo-uncle (and living booster seat) for the adorable Katydid that helped keep a lonely bachelor’s heart and hope afloat during those memorable years in the Big D. Thank you for helping to get an introvert integrated, and most of all for the memories. Give Dan, Katy, and the rest of the fam a hug for me!



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