Tuesday, November 20, 2018

David Brooks

October 16, 2018

Dear Mr. Brooks,

Ideological echo chambers abound in the age of the internet. They generate web traffic with headlines that galvanize cognitive bias, but rarely change minds. Humble opinions based on factual evidence and anchored to morality are hard to come by, but a pleasure to read from any point of view.

I appreciate the fact that your reasoning gently ruffles feathers at the narrow minded fringes of the political right and the left, while imploring the practical to stop and think. Thank you for your thoughtful approach to hot-button issues.

Thank you for addressing matters that jeopardize the collective cardiovascular health of our nation and the world with a measure of grace, rather than stoking political fires with an inflammatory tone that only serves to polarize. Please continue to encourage contemplation and understanding over pitchforks and vitriol.


Daniel Loffer

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