Friday, October 19, 2018


September 10, 2018

Dear Jeff,

You’ve been on my list since it was compiled late last year, as one of the most appreciated supers I’ve worked for. I was always impressed by the way you graciously oversaw a talent pool in the tensile lab that reliably jumped ship just as it mastered the craft. On the meltshop side, we would always call your office first in a crunch. It was never a surprise to find you there after 6pm. Beyond midnight, your cell was the crisis hotline and rang at an ungodly hour on a frequent basis.

You were not only approachable at all hours, but open to new ideas, and gave us the freedom to put them to the test. When I proposed procedural changes to eliminate redundant manual transcription, you gave me the green flag. I think that eliminated at least an hour of tedium from each shift.

All of that’s just to say thank you for your leadership. It played an integral role in making my years with A-Crew, on shift in the chemistry lab, a very rewarding experience.



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