Monday, August 20, 2018

Adrian & Tina

July 26, 2018

Dear Adrian, Tina, & Whiskey,

When I began to assemble my list of names for Project Gratitude toward the end of 2017, we didn’t know you yet. In the months since we became the new kids on The Rock in February, you guys have had a huge role in helping Jenn, Daisy, and me get integrated on the island.  That’s meant a lot.

We couldn’t have imagined better neighbors, and have made more hyper-local friends in the last several months on Vashon Island than at any of the four addresses across the water between West Seattle and Kirkland where we lived since 2012. Thank you so much for welcoming us down the endless staircase to your home, and looping us into the local play-dates with other fur-centric families!

Looking forward to more good times,


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