Tuesday, October 23, 2018


September 17, 2018

Dear Lynn,

I'm sorry that I had to miss half of your recent visit, but my shorter than average weekend with you and Alan was a lot of fun. Thanks for coming to see us on The Rock, and giving us another excuse to play tourist in Seattle. You guys are totally my kind of guests - cocktails, foodie culture, football games, and great conversation with no pressure from Jenn to go tripping down trails for 12+ miles to audit dirt, trees, and rocks.

I do have to admit, Jenn's the best gift you've ever given me - possibly the world. Even better than that citrus stripper that you sneaked back to the gift shop to get for me at Smith Tower. Even if she likes the color of baby poop and long sweaty walks in the middle of nowhere. I'm grateful that I can call you "Mom."



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