Friday, October 26, 2018


September 26, 2018

Dear Todd,

It’s been way too long since we’ve seen each other, especially considering the fact that my 1700 mile commute has put me within reach on almost any given Monday-Wednesday for over a year and a half. But even if architectural side-ventures keep you too busy to meet up for the rest of your life, I’m still glad I met you back in 2006 . . . it seems crazy that it was 12 years ago!

I’d just moved to Dallas weeks earlier and didn’t have a single friend in the metroplex when you called me over in the parking lot between The Corners and Corners East apartments in The Village and introduced yourself. I didn’t feel invisible anymore. You proceeded to introduce me to Bob, the most endearing and dirty old man I’ve ever known. Our unlikely trio would share a lot of laughter over the following two years—out in that parking lot, poolside at the VCC, or partaking in dollar-fiddy well night.

I’ve moved a lot since turning 18. I lived in three different apartments, if within the same complex, just while in college. I moved to Brenham for my first job, then Palestine, TX for my second. After buying my first piece of real estate near Grapeland, I only lived there three months before moving to Dallas- into that run down little efficiency, across the way from your 2nd floor bachelor pad. 

Since leaving Dallas I’ve lived in Maumelle, Arkansas, three addresses in Elmira, NY, then on to the Pacific Northwest – three different addresses in West Seattle before moving to Kirkland just across the lake. We would move back to West Seattle for a year before finally buying a house on Vashon Island. Barring natural disasters, I think I’m done moving around. I haven’t lived at the same address for more than two years since I turned 18. A total of 18 addresses in less than 20 years if you include the short-term stays immediately following long-distance moves.

Needless to say, I’ve had a lot of neighbors. Thankfully, some really great ones at our current, hopefully forever-home. But I’m writing to thank you for being one of the best.



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