Friday, May 4, 2018


May 2, 2018

Dear Jody,

I’m not sure if I’ve actually seen you since high school but, as part of this year’s project, I’m writing to thank you for your friendship in our earlier years.  The Good Lord knows there weren’t many to choose from for kids our age in Marietta, TX in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Patience has probably become one of my strongest virtues, and I’m sure all those hours in elementary school that I spent watching you conquer Mario Bros without dying (after I bit the dust in less than 3 minutes) served as intensive training in that particular life-skill.

Then there was the entertainment you provided in Mrs. F’s 3rd grade class.  I remember that little plastic trashcan full of broken up crayons you’d pelt classmates with when her back was turned.  I’ll never forget the couple of times you drove her to the point of cussing at a third grader.  The image of her pointing the index finger squarely at you as she yelled, “Don’t give me that shit!”  is forever burned into my memory.  I’m pretty sure you were one of her favorite students, though . . . the consequences would have been worse if someone else attempted the same shenanigans.

Our weekend camping excursions in our teens are also cherished memories.  We’d take that leaky little boat out on the pond and fish until it would have functioned better as a bathtub.  We’d paddle for the shore just in time to avoid swimming for it, dump the boat, and set up camp in the piney woods.  Thank you for the happy memories.



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