In Verse

Update | December 08, 2018

Dearly beloved,

The proofs have arrived.

It's a tangible book!

It's still just a draft,

But here's a first-look:

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It's a novel.  

It's a story.

It's about a poet.

It's actually written.

Over 58,000 juicy words.

I'm better at stories than spoilers.

Eventually I'll work up a better synopsis.

It will work like a teaser.

Without giving away too much. 

I hope.


  1. Hello Tex.....

    I work with Ray Stevens. I wrote that "Squirrel Song." He dropped your letter on my desk this morning with the note...."Good Writer"

    I agree.

    Buddy Kalb

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know. That really means a lot!


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