In Verse

Update | March 27, 2018


In Verse is published!

The copies promised to Project Gratitude honorees are in the mail or in my office to hand out.

You can get yours at Amazon

The Kindle Edition is set to release on April 1st

If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, it's free.

Though I recommend the paperback.

Kindle just doesn't have that new book smell.

Or look as pretty on a shelf.

The fonts that lend character to poetry, are also made generic by the digital version.

But I don' t care how you read it.

If you read it.

And if you like it.

Please leave a review.

Update | December 08, 2018

Dearly beloved,

The proofs have arrived.

It's a tangible book!

It's still just a draft,

But here's a first-look:

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It's a novel.  

It's a story.

It's about a poet.

It's actually written.

Over 58,000 juicy words.

I'm better at stories than spoilers.

Eventually I'll work up a better synopsis.

It will work like a teaser.

Without giving away too much. 

I hope.


  1. Hello Tex.....

    I work with Ray Stevens. I wrote that "Squirrel Song." He dropped your letter on my desk this morning with the note...."Good Writer"

    I agree.

    Buddy Kalb

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know. That really means a lot!


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