Monday, March 25, 2019

To Peddle a Story


I just updated Where's My Book? for the first time since creating the page.

As you can see, yours is very likely on the way or in my office waiting to be hand-delivered right now!

I just need addresses for one last fistful of folks.

To Make Contact . . .


Confession: Marketing is never been my brand of whiskey. Now that In Verse has been released into the wild in paperback form, and the Kindle Edition is set to release on April 1st, the challenge shifts to getting it noticed.

I believe it's a great story with the potential to sell, but "Read my book!" feels like "Hold my baby!" You never have to ask your mother twice, but its long-term success is out of her hands. Whether it flies or dies will depend on unbiased opinions and word-of-mouth. A story must prove itself worthy, one stranger at a time . . . or have enough cash and advertising prowess behind it to arrest or hoodwink the masses.

I don't have an agent or the means to fund a media blitz. So as I christen the double decker strugglebus that is self-promotion, I hope to garner some favorable reviews from strangers and possibly some awards that I can point to and say, "Look what she said! No! She's not even my sister!"

There are a lot of fiction contests out there that only accept novels published in the previous calendar year, which means it will be a while before my title is a contender in those arenas. In the meantime I aim to get creative. Going door to door like an old school encyclopedia or Hoover salesman is completely against my nature, but you never know what getting a free copy into the hands of a modern-day Midas might achieve.

By the way, I just noticed that the "Look Inside" feature for In Verse on Amazon is now available!

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