Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week #4- [Revised] Ethan!

Yesterday evening, after posting the blurb below that lamented my failure to meet a second person in week #4,  my wife kindly reminded me that this trip was the first time I had actually met my baby nephew Ethan (on Friday!)  Sure, he's family, and he can't talk back- but last week was the first time I've seen him in person, and since I make/bend/stretch/expound/contort/revise the rules for the OFITC challenge- he counts!


I only managed 1 new name in week #4.  I've been with my wife in Virginia Beach, visiting family, and we've been snowed-in for a couple of days now.  Not that I didn't have plenty of chances when navigating the airports on Thursday- I honestly can't really blame the weather for not introducing myself to someone.  We are supposed to fly back to Arkansas tomorrow.  If our flight home doesn't get cancelled, and the rest of the week goes as planned, then I should be able to more than make up for not meeting last week's quota, I'll keep you posted!

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