Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 9, Fast Start

Having lived in both Dallas and Little Rock, I had yet to visit The Flying Saucer in either town.  Since I'll be moving to upstate New York in a week, my wife and I met my sister and some of her friends at the great draught emporium last night, forming the team "Trivalocity," to compete on trivia night. 

It was there that I met Mark and Molly,  a really fun couple originally from Indiana.  Hats off to Notre Dame- Mark was our Encyclopedia Brittannica when it came to history.  Molly served as our scribe for the night.  She's a sweet and energetic ICU nurse who takes it gracefully when someone's first reaction to her name is "Oh! I had a dog named Molly!"

Our group fared well in the first two rounds of trivia, but bombed the difficult final round.

Moving is stressful- especially when moving a long, long way from friends and family.  All of the farewell get-togethers organized by those we love leading up to our departure are much appreciated, but sad in a way.  They always lead me to wonder why we didn't initiate things like that more often.  When I meet a couple like Mark and Molly, it's painful to think that the first time we see them is likely the last time as well.

When we live in a destination town, we don't tend to be as enthusiastic about the local attractions as those who fly in from all over the world to relish them.  It's so easy to take things for granted when you feel like you have easy access to them.  That doesn't just apply to places, but friends. . . . even our spouses?  Ouch.

As a side-note, I have a recommendation for anyone who's a fan of dark suds- a new favorite I tried last night at the Saucer:  Young's Double Chocolate Stout  chocolatey, not too sweet, and a beautiful finish with no bite. 

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