Friday, September 23, 2011

A New Leaf

It's funny how fast pipe dreams can go up in smoke or trickle down the drain.  My attempt last year to document friendships and meet at least 2 new people a week for a year fizzled out halfway through.  I guess that's when my amazing circle of friends was locked tight, and upstate New York began to feel like a place to call home.  My routine was established, and the new wore off.  I went from pioneer to peer-  trailblazer to tribesman.

One of my most intense regrets of late is neglecting my journal.  Up until about two years ago I had documented almost every day of my life since the 8th grade.  I had made it a habit.  Like clockwork I would hammer out the happenings of any given day before keeling over into the sheets.  But then I got married. 

Our first home was a 600 SF one-bedroom apartment, and my persistent pecking on a keyboard less than 7 feet from my sweetheart's head after 10pm never made her swoon.  When we moved north in 2010 the office was banned from the bedroom.  With my PC and desk no longer positioned between the bedroom door and the Neverland Express it was out of sight, out of mind. 

Journal entries became more and more sporadic.  The initial burst of creative energies that sparked One Face in early 2010 served as a temporary patch-  I was able to roll the highlights of any given week into the stories here of how I met so-and-so,  but keeping up with Eclectic Scribe, One Face, and the editing of my first novel soon became too much to juggle.  That's when One Face, the closest thing I had to a journal, took a nosedive.

Being on-line and available to the masses, a blog like this will have a decidedly different tone than one meant only for personal reference and reflection.  Though I won't have the liberty to share some things that might be furiously scrawled in a private journal under lock and key,  I will be motivated to keep it concise, thought provoking, and hopefully entertaining rather than posting a monotonous laundry list of any day's events.

My intention is to regularly share funny stories, lessons learned, and deeper thoughts (when they are too much for distilling to poetry.)  The poetry is found at . . One Face will be an arena for the art of articulation and maybe, one day, some feedback and conversation.

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