Saturday, October 15, 2011

Perry Vs. Cain- 2012

There's something about Rick Perry that makes me uneasy- even as a conservative, a Christian, and a Texan for all but the last 3 years of my life.  Even amongst those of us who don't buy into the theory of man-made global warming, the thought of a cleaner planet, sustainable power, and less urban smog seems more responsible than continuing to suck Tehrani Tea.  When Perry says his job solution is 'drill, baby, drill!' in light of the BP disaster, he's not winning any votes-  even if God told him to run.

I don't remember Perry's piety being touted like this during his years as governor.  It's coming off as a political ploy, and that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.  As a fellow believer, I don't want to add fuel to his fire of persecution.  But why wait until now to hold these highly publicized political prayer rallies?  I think we all know.

But God allegedly told Herman Cain to run, as well!  And He (God) very well could have told them both to do it so that Ron Paul would win the election.

I'm not sold on him yet, but if Cain has anything going for him it's humility, simplicity, and grit.  He knows what he knows, and he admits it when he doesn't.  I like to think that a president's success depends less upon his own self-confidence and intellect than upon his ability to assemble and listen to a cabinet of specialists more knowledgeable than himself.  

The former Godfather's Pizza CEO is more American than he is Politician;  that's why I like him.  I think the USA is ready for a less narcissistic, simpler kind of leader-  anything but another career politician.  Cain's 9-9-9 plan is about as simple as you can get.  Even if it would raise taxes for some people in states that already have their own sales tax, it's something that we citizens can understand.  It's hard to find a loophole in something that basic-  you know what you owe.  The more you make and spend, the more you pay.

America is sick of complicated regulations that can't even be explained by the pundits who birthed them.  Health care, insurance, taxes, and countless other financial regulations should be simplified to the point that we don't need attorneys to interpret them, and can't pay attorneys to seek out loopholes that give anyone an unfair advantage.

Now that Cain is ahead in the polls, we'll get to watch the media try to reduce him from Godfather to delivery boy in the minds of the masses. . . . if they can figure out how to do that in our day and age without being dealt the race card.  Being a conservative African American for whom the American Dream became a reality gives Cain an advantage.  Running against Obama, he would have the liberty to push certain buttons that no PC white candidate would dare touch.

If anything stands in Hermain Cain's way, it's the American voting mentality.  Come election day, we seem to choke on fear and shortchange our ideals.  Despite all our cheering for the underdog, we tend to follow the rest of the sheep off the proverbial cliff in voting for who we perceive to have the best chance of winning.  It works like a run on a bank or a stock market sell-off.  If everyone would base our vote on who we want in office, rather than who has raked in the most money, we might end up with a real winner in the White House.  

Cain isn't being flooded with donations, and that's a positive in my book.  I'm probably not the only citizen repulsed by a political system that amounts to legal bribery.  Permitting corporations to donate money to campaigns and put politicians in their pockets before they are even elected is tragic.  I hope more individuals will begin supporting candidates who get the least amount of money from corporations and would enter the Oval Office with the fewest unspoken obligations. 

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