Monday, October 24, 2011

Your Tax Dollars Pay For . . . . (#111024)

1) The persecution of grannies given a spec of moon-dust by an Astronaut

2) Access to Beastiality 101 for high school students (New York)

3) More red ink and bad credit


But take a deep breath. . . here's a point well-stated to temper any partisan outraged sparked by sensationalism and conflicting ideologies:

Let us continue. . . .

4) An IV in the jugular of companies that should have gone under for lack of quality and good management-  the American icons wouldn't have been forgotten,  that's why we have museums.

5) Plenty of artificially inflated high paying jobs (if you have the connections)

6) A $400,000 per year salary for the president. . . What did you say, Ron Paul?

Here's a more precise visualization of the big picture if you're curious- despite what we perceive as waste, we have a lot of services to be thankful for!

More from the bright side. . . . this is one of the most upbeat articles I've seen in ages- coming from the UK, nonetheless!

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