Sunday, November 6, 2011

Paleo on Reddit and Pizza Crust

Overwhelmed by what people I hardly knew in high school ate for breakfast, and pelted by pictures of their kids, I took a hiatus from Facebook a few years back.  Then a friend showed me how to "hide" each poster-child I wasn't interested in.  That led to another enjoyable season of electro-social networking. . . but then came Facebook's latest updates.  There now seems to be some kind of big brother software running in the background that thinks it knows what I want to see more than I do- it's a little too 1984 for my taste.

Lately I've taken a liking to Reddit.  There I can share, read, and discuss interesting and entertaining things while avoiding invitations to Farmville and Mafia Wars.  Inside Reddit you can subscribe to "sub-reddits" that have their own moderators and sub-sets of guidelines for posting and commenting.  There seems to be a sub-reddit for every topic under the sun, including Paleo.

On the hunt for a paleo-friendly pizza crust, I posted the question to Reddit. . . and yes, I got gently flamed for asking. . . . apparently I should have searched first (I'm new to this, people!)  Anyway,  here are a couple of the responses that look promising:


Almond meal based

This one is beautiful (scroll down). . . but I've never seen a potato shredding gadget like that.

Sausage Based

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