Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 2- Susan

Tonight as my wife ran and I walked with a buddy of mine and our dog around the ice-glazed lake behind our apartment complex, I crossed paths with another frequent-walker.  I've probably talked to this sweet lady in passing at least 20 times- she walks her dog (as do we) regularly in the park.  I've known the dog's name for months. . . it's funny how that works.  So many folks will stop and let their dogs sniff each other's behinds and frolic at the ends of their leashes, each will compliment the other's pet, even ask its name- but we never introduce ourselves, it's as if the human beings at the other ends of those tethers are transparent- just there to answer questions about the dog.

Tonight, when my Daisy rubbed noses with little Moonbeam, I said "I've known your dog for some time now and still don't know your name!" and proceeded to introduce myself.  That's how I met Susan- we talked for a short bit and I mentioned Molly, the australian shepherd who lives across the breezeway from us, Daisy's best friend.  Oh yes, Susan knew Molly- but she didn't know that Molly's owner is named Sue.  It was nice to know I'm not the only person who knows more dogs than humans around here!

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