Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 2, George

If anyone who sees this has been following me on, where I'm 18 for 18 on the poem-a-day goal, you may be beginning to have doubts about my progress in regard to this project- but week 2 was a success!  This post is only making it to the web today because my wife and I spent the weekend in a mountain cabin in Eureka Springs, only returning this afternoon.  Kudos to Jennifer for managing the logistics for this excursion, she even drove us there!

Almost everything touristy including Quigley's Castle, Pivot Rock, Natural Bridge, and even most restaurants that were recommended to us are closed in January.  That seems to be when tourism is at its low point and everything is either being renovated or the hospitality workforce takes off to Puerto Rico for some much-deserved R&R. 

But we didn't go for the tourist traps, and peace and quiet are abundant there this time of year.  The locals who were present were some of the most friendly and hospitable people we've run across in our travels.  On our second day in the cabin, perched high up on the edge of a mountain overlooking Beaver Lake, we stopped by the office to pick out a couple of movies.  A quiet-natured jolly white-haired man who worked there was bustling around the office and we made small talk.  I gathered the nerve to ask him his name and introduced myself before he did- and that's how I met George.

So, by the end of Week #2 I've met Evan, Julian, Susan, and George-  is anyone inspired?  Reach out and talk to a stranger and tell me your story!

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