Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 3- Kim and Rhonda

This week's new friends were almost too easy.  I'll probably have to do some justifying here, but I've still got Saturday- maybe I can tack on a third.

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment at 3:30,  and you've got to have some level of trust before letting anyone put their hands in your mouth.  I met Kim (the hygienist) and Rhonda (the dental assistant).  They were both really sweet, making small talk back and forth over my face.  I really wanted to join in, but it's a challenge when you have a syringe sized for Frankenstein's tetanus shot being rammed into your gums.

They talked about the first albums they owned, I think Rhonda's was Prince on an 8-track.  I wanted to tell them mine was a Ray Stevens cassette, but of course my mouth was propped open with an awfully expensive chunk of plastic, and there was something akin to an industrial grade Dremel grinding away inside of my oral "cavity."  I think I managed to communicate something once they were done, but my lower lip felt something like a chicken liver taped to my face, so maybe they were just being polite.

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