Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week 16

There are lots of huge houses that are 100+ years old in Elmira, NY-  it's hard to imagine what the architects were thinking- in many cases, they all seem to have an average 1:5 bathroom to bedroom ratio.  I guess they were built before Maybelline and Vanity Fair.  Any-who. . . all of the gi-normous houses end up being split into 4 to 6 apartments and rented out cheaply until they implode on themselves, turned into a business office/residence, or maintained by someone with too much time and money on their hands.  The businesses run out of houses range from churches to retail to shrink parlors.  I've even seen dentist offices, which seems just a little creepy.

My wife and I were on a long walk with Daisy when we passed by one of the many house/businesses- this one was a men's clothing store, sort of like a Joseph A. Bank crammed into a living room.  A middle-aged gentleman was working in the yard and saw us heading toward him down the sidewalk.  He jumped out from between a gap in the hedge and seemed quite excited to see us.  After about 30 seconds, it became clear that Bruce Charmer didn't realize this was the first time he'd met us.  He seemed slightly embarassed when the fact that we didn't know each other finally clicked in his head.  At least next time, if there is one, he won't be wrong.

On Saturday the up and coming Elmira Rugby Football Club joined forces with the Alfred State Alumni and took on the current college team.  The younger, faster team (who've been playing together for some time, mind you) blew past the motley assortment of alumni and rookies, but we all had a great time and no one got parylized from the neck down.  I met a lot of people over the course of the day, including two Dans and Robyn, the lovely wife of a teammate.

Oh. . . and I almost forgot- remember what I said last week about how tough it is to meet a Shawn/Shaun/Schawun and get the name right?  Well he's part of my inner circle on Face book now, turns out he was a SEAN all along- go figure.

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