Sunday, May 2, 2010

Week 17

So this week's acquaintances include Derek and Johnny, two recent additions to the Elmira Rugby Football Club.  Derek is an interesting character- from the waist up he's ripped like Hulk Hogan at his prime.  From the waist down he's more like big-bird.  That center of gravity is a bummer.  It's hard to imagine those halves matching up, but it happened.

As for Johnny, he's a lightening fast soccer player with a British accent.  His speed is mind boggling and may be a nice addition to the team, but soccer players tend to get crushed like grasshoppers when they finally do get caught, or eventually revert back to their first love.  We already had one break a collarbone on his first practice.

As for the downstairs neighbors I mentioned in week 15, I found the radio show they get up so early to DJ, and listen to it at work.  Craig seems quite a bit more bubbly over the airwaves than he has been as a neighbor.  I haven't heard them talking about the noisy people upstairs yet.  Thankfully their dog has finally stopped the incessant yapping and whining in the wee hours of the morning.

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